Talks and presentations

Talk-2 on Recent Progress of MEMS Sensors based on Coupled Resonators

September 20, 2019

Talk, Micro and Nano Technology Forum for Young Scientist, Xi'an, China

In this talk, recent progress on MEMS sensors based on coupled resonators are dicussed. In particular, the concept and technical advantages (in terms of improved sensitivity and long-term stability) of MEMS mode-localized sensors are presented. Nonlinear effects and modal interactions are proposed to enhance the sensor performance. Future outlook in this area is also discussed.

Tutorial-1 on Mode-localized Resonant Accelerometers

August 20, 2019

Tutorial, National University of Defense Technologies, Changsha, China

In this tutorial, the concept of emerging mode-localized accelerometers are explained. Additionally, the advantages and disadvantages, as well as practical design considerations of mode-localized sensors are discussed. Finally, future pathways for developing the technology are offered.

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